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Białowieża National Park

The Białowieża National Park is one of the oldest national parks in Europe. It is also probably the most famous Polish national park in the world. The fame of the last primaeval forest in Europe may sometimes be a heavy burden, but it reaches far beyond the borders of our continent. For centuries, the Białowieża Forest, as an area of royal hunting, has been lucky to avoid axes and saws which destroyed other forests. Thanks to this, it is here where the European bison, royal game, ruling absolutely in the European forest, have survived for the longest time. The European bison is the most powerful, but not the only particularly valuable inhabitant of the Forest. The uniqueness of this invaluable area is evidenced by the fact that the natural processes, which have been only slightly disturbed by human activity, are continued there, never interrupted in the area of strict protection of BNP and remaining a phenomenon on a continental scale. Powerful trees, which are unique ecosystems, are home to many organisms unheard of in ordinary forests. Both during their life and after their death.

What is worth visiting?

BNP Nature and Forest Museum                           
Park Pałacowy 11, 17-230 Białowieża                                               
+48 85 681 22 75

From 16.04-15.10:
Mon-Fri: 09.00-16.30*
Sat-Sun: 09.00-17.00*                                                          

Outside the season:
Tue-Sun: 09.00-16.00*                                                         
* the last entry 1 hour before the closure of the Museum

PLN 16/PLN 10 + additional fee for audioguide or guide

Amenities for wheelchair users

Reserve Protective Unit                                                  
Forest areas of the Białowieski National Park
Tourist activities possible from ½ hour before
sunrise to ½ hour after sunset.

   +48 85 681 29 01

Limited amenities for wheelchair users

Visiting the southern part (former “Strict Reserve”) – regular ticket PLN 8, reduced ticket PLN 4; only under the eye of a BNP licenced guide in groups of up to 10 persons

Visiting the north-western part – free of charge; guide required for groups of more than 20 persons
European Bison Show Reserve                            
Located at the Hajnówka-Białowieża road
about 3 km before Białowieża                                                
+48 85 681 23 98
From 16.04-15.10:
Mon-Sun: 09.00-17.00                                                           

Outside the season:
Tue-Sun: 09.00-16.00  
PLN 20/PLN 12
Visiting the Educational Pavilion at the European Bison Show Reserve – free of charge                        
Amenities for wheelchair users

Palace Park
The Palace Park surrounds the seat of the BNP      
Administration and Museum
+48 85 681 29 01
Amenities for wheelchair users

All buildings of the BNP facilities are adjusted to the needs of persons with disabilities in architectural terms (lifts, ramps, no building barriers).

Wolf’s Trail. The longest tourist trail in BNP

The name of the trail comes from the former reserve “Wolf’s Trail” currently located in the Park. The route will lead us through various forest communities, as well as will bring us closer to the history of this area.

Kosy Most (Slanting Bridge) (or rather two bridges – a road bridge and a bridge of the former narrow-gauge railway) is a place where, with a bit of luck, we can observe beavers and birds of prey flying over the Narewka valley. Right next to the trail, there is a several-hundred-metre route leading to the observation point of the European bison. It will be easiest to meet the King of the Forest there in the autumn and winter. The trail will lead to the Polana Szypulowa (Szypulowa Clearing), a kilometer away. Then, we can also see a picturesque raised bog – a peat bog being an interesting example of natural capture of open space by the forest as well as an oak with a circumference of more than five and a half meter, which has been growing here for about 350 years. A winding path will lead us to a small river called Sirota, and then a circular footbridge will lead us above the wetlands of the Forest. Here, we have to return to the Polana Szypulowa clearing and to go from there, along a forest road, straight to the south and then to the east – through almost the whole northern part of BNP. The end of the Wolf’s Trail means the exit from the Park to the Polana Masiewska (Masiewska Clearing) in the small village of Zamosze.

Tourist trails:
Waliking – 5 trails – 28.5 km
Biking – 2 trails – 15.5 km
Skiing – no downhill skiing trails; in winter, all walking trails are made available for cross-country skiing
Horseriding – 2 trails – 15.5 km – horseback entry is allowed after informing the forest inspector of the Reserve Protective Unit – only along the biking trails.

Educational paths:
3 trails – 2.4 km (for wheelchair users – 1 km).

Contact us

Białowieża National Park
Park Pałacowy 11
17-230 Białowieża

Phone +48 85 682 97 00

Tourist Information
Phone +48 85 681 29 01